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We have 2 adult females looking for their forever family.

At BEAU BELLE BULLDOGS our French bulldog puppies are not bred as a business. Its our passion that we breed for ourselves, and for the purpose of retaining new show prospects. We prioritize quality, health, conformation and temperament. Focusing on preserving and improving the breed in any way we can.

Our puppies are raised in our home, raising puppies in the middle of our home is great for exposing them to daily life instead of raising them confined in a separate puppy room, garage or kennel like facility. They receive an endless amount of love and attention from all members of the family, including children. When they are born we start with ENS (early neurological stimulation), as they grow they are purposely exposed to loud noises such as common everyday household sounds that include but are not limited to kids at play, toys, blender, vacuum and knocks at the door. With maturity they will wear collars with leash attached, and start to experience resting in a crate. We do this to help desensitize them, build their confidence, and give them their independence.

Puppies receive their first vet check, vaccinations, deworming and microchip when they are 8 weeks old. At 10 weeks we will run DNA and take radiographs of each puppy. This gives us an inside look at what we have produced in health when it comes to choosing the right puppy to continue preserving the future of our breed. 


We do not sell our puppies with breeding rights, all our puppies are sold on a CKC non breeding contract to be spayed or neutered.

We prefer not to ship our puppies, we prioritize pet families that are able to pick up in person. 

We may only have 1 or 2 litters per year. We encourage interested families to contact us to ask us about our planned breeding’s and check back to this page as we try to keep it updated.

Please be patient when you are looking for a French bulldog. Please look for a responsible breeder and prioritize the health, conformation, and temperament of your new family member. So many backyard breeders and brokers trying to make money on these dogs that have zero respect to our incredible breed.

Our home and dogs are open for visitors at any time, unless we are in the process of raising a new litter. During those times, unfortunately we do not let any outsiders (even our friends and family members) enter our home that may put our puppies at risk. Once the puppies have their shots at 8 weeks, you are welcome to come visit.

We stand behind and support all our pet puppy homes. If at any time you can no longer provide a home for a puppy/dog that you adopted from our program, we will take the dog back. We understand life changes, we do not want our adopting families to re-home our puppies/dogs to anyone without us being involved with the new transfer of ownership. Under no circumstances will we ever let one of our adopting families feel that their only choice is to surrender their dog to a shelter. Our French bulldogs are always welcome back home.

We will help you find the right puppy if we do not have any planned breeding's or our waitlist has grown too long. We will gladly refer you to equally reputable breeders to find you a well bred new family member.





1. Most importantly find a breeder who belongs to the French Bulldog Fanciers club of Canada. On their website you will find breeders in your area, ask for references. Note: Just because dogs are registered with CKC does not mean they practice reputable breeding. Disqualified (fad) colours can still be registered with CKC. 

2. Health- Responsible breeders strive to produce their next champion bloodlines for competition and health testing should always be a top priority. Ask to see proof, for everything! A great breeder will be happy to show you their results and usually offer before you ask.

3. Conformation- Familiarize yourself on the breed standard for what the French bulldog should look like. Ask to view the dam and sire when visiting the home.

4. Colour- The dogs and puppies should be one of the standard colours, a fad colour “rare” or “exotic” coat coloured dog is man made, not rare, and can be linked to health problems and temperament issues. Please do your research to gather more details on health conditions associated with coat colour, and backyard bred fad breeders.

5. Price- The price of the puppy reflects the quality of the dog, keep in mind coloured breeders charge way more based on coat colour not the conformation, health, and temperament of the dog and backyard unregistered breeders charge a lot less. 

6. Go to local dog shows to view dogs and meet their breeders. Make sure you are buying from someone who is selective of their buyers who offers their ongoing life long support towards their puppies. 



Surprisingly It’s not because they are ridiculously good looking, or because they have the best little personalities that make their owners laugh and obsess over their love for them.
While those could be good enough reasons for this perfect little companion to be worth its weight in gold, here are the more technical reasons of their breeders asking prices.

1. The reproductive structure of the French bulldog makes it difficult to reproduce on their own. Most breeders use artificial insemination with veterinary services to achieve a pregnancy. It also allows us to collect from males throughout the world who pair well with our dams. So if you don’t have a local male, having semen shipped  adds a lot to conception costs. 

2. They shouldn’t deliver their pups naturally on their own. In rare occasions French bulldogs have become pregnant naturally and even delivered their puppies naturally, but giving birth is very risky to the dam and her unborn puppies. Resulting in loss of the puppies or death to the dam. The risk is too great of a loss. The safest way to deliver puppies is to have a qualified veterinarian perform a C-Section. This surgery cost can be much higher should you need to take the dog to an emergency vet if the dam goes into labor after regular business hours.

3. Raising a litter of French bulldog puppies sometimes requires the use of special whelping equipment such as incubator, oxygenator, nebulizer and an assortment of other equipment and products we need to have on hand should things go sideways. French bulldog puppies need round the clock attention and care for a minimum time of three weeks after birth.

4. Competitive CKC breeders put a lot of time and effort into their beautiful bloodlines. Entering their puppies and dogs in conformation shows, training, and sometimes hiring professional handlers. Add travel and competing for top dog could be thousands and thousands more...

5. Health testing… Its expensive! but it needs to be done on every reproductive sire and dam. It costs thousands to fully complete all recommended OFA breed recommended health tests.

There’s a lot of love, time and money that go into creating well bred puppies that are healthy, for us they are worth every penny. 

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